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Elżbieta Hałas, Pierpaolo Donati (red.)

State of Affairs (Stan Rzeczy) 12

Warszawa 2017

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ISBN: ISSN 2083-3059 | stron: 456 | oprawa: miękka

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This issue of State of Affairs (Stan Rzeczy), entirely in English, treats about RELATIONAL SOCIOLOGY / Prezentowany tu numer Stanu Rzeczy, w całości w języku angielskim, poświęcony jest SOCJOLOGII RELACYJNEJ.

/// The relational approach, which has a long tradition and widely differing variants, has reemerged and grown stronger, forming a new, vital movement in the social sciences. ...

After postmodern diffusion and beyond the stagnation of interpretative against normative conceptualizations of social life, relational sociology offers new insights and could play a leading role in reconstructing the discipline to face the challenges of the global age. Social relations are among the key sociological concepts and have been studied as constitutive for social bonding. Contemporary relational thinking assumes radical changes in the ontological, epistemological, and phenomenological status of social relations.

The aim of this issue is to reflect upon and discuss the innovative potential of contemporary relational theorizing about society, culture, and persons. Various theories of contemporary socio-cultural changes evoke relationality, but relational thinking is different from “relationistic” positions. Relational questions are investigated by the founder of the new paradigm, Pierpaolo Donati, and other authors interested in the relational turn.



/7    Elżbieta Hałas, Pierpaolo Donati – Introduction: Back to Relations in Themselves



/15    Pierpaolo Donati – Relational Versus Relationist Sociology: A New Paradigm in the Social Sciences

/67    Aleksander Manterys – Relational Sociology Paradigms

/95    Marta Bucholc – Trapped by the Medium: Language and the Social in Relational Sociology

/115    Elżbieta Hałas – The Place of Culture in Relational Sociology



/141    Andrea M. Maccarini – Reflexivity, Socialization, and Relations to the World: Theoretical and Practical Challenges

/177    Lorenza Gattamorta – Reflexivity and the Symbolic We-Relation

/191    Irena Szlachcicowa – After the Relational Turn: The Problem of Social Identity

/215    Stefania G. Meda, Donatella Bramanti, Giovanna Rossi – A Relational Sociological Approach to Active Ageing: The Role of Intergenerational Relations and Social Generativity



/243    Paolo Terenzi – Sociologies of Everyday Life: From Alienation to the Production of Meaning

/261    Emiliana Mangone – Risk According to the Relational Theory of Society

/277    Víctor Pérez-Díaz – The Voice of Society and the Crisis: The Potential and Limits of Reflexivity and Civility

/303    Tomasz Zarycki – For a Relational Critical Discourse Analysis



/331    Elżbieta Hałas, Stanisław Krawczyk – Humanism in an After-Modern Society: The Relational Perspective

/339    Michał Federowicz, Daniel Roland Sobota – The Normative Sociology of Pierpaolo Donati: A Polemical Note on “The Possibility of Humanism After Modernity: The Relational Perspective”

/363    Aleksander Manterys – Commentary on Pierpaolo Donati’s “What Does a ‘Good Life’ Mean in a Morphogenic Society? The Viewpoint of Relational Sociology”

/373    Tadeusz Szawiel – Remarks on Pierpaolo Donati’s Paper: “Human Fulfillment in a Morphogenic Society: Challenges and Opportunities from a Relational Standpoint”


/381    REVIEWS

/383    Fabio Ferrucci – The Enigma of Social Relations in After-Modern Society: Pierpaolo Donati, L’enigma della relazione

/403    Joanna Bielecka-Prus – Relational Subjects and Relational Goods in the New Civil Society: Pierpaolo Donati, Margaret S. Archer, The Relational Subject

/421    Elżbieta Hałas – Dictionary of Relational Sociology: Paolo Terenzi, Lucia Boccacin, Riccardo Prandini (eds.), Lessico della sociologia relazionale

/433    Sławomir Mandes – The Quest For The “New Welfare State”: Pierpaolo Donati, Luca Martignani (eds.), Towards a New Local Welfare: Best Practices and Networks of Social Inclusion

/443    Mikołaj Pawlak – How to See and Use Relations: John Ashcroft, Roy Childs, Alison Myers, Michael Schluter, The Relational Lens: Understanding, Managing and Measuring Stakeholder Relationships





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